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The Beauty of Mica - Mica Properties and Applications

Apr. 22, 2021

When we talk about stones, the common words we use are "block", "grain", "particle", etc. ...... However, there is a kind of However, there is a kind of stone, it is on the "piece". They have a flexible texture, colorful color, a wide range of uses, and a high name - Mica.

Mica Powder

Mica Powder

Mica is obviously a stone on the ground, why is it named "cloud"? It turns out that, in the eyes of the ancients, the floating clouds were born from the touch of mist and rocks, and the rocks were the home of the clouds. The shiny, crystalline mica looks most like clouds, so it was regarded as the "mother of clouds".

In the rock family, mica is unique in its "thousand-layer" structure, and an ordinary person can peel a whole piece of mica into layers of thin slices with his bare hands and carve marks on it with his fingernails. Although mica looks fragile, its flexibility is far beyond that of other stones. If you bend mica flakes directly, they will not break easily and can be restored to their original shape.

Chemically, mica is an "aluminosilicate" with a layered structure and a monoclinic crystal system. They are very stable in nature and widely distributed in the earth's crust, and are one of the six "rock-forming minerals" that constitute the main components of rocks. Mica can be found in three major types of rocks: magmatic rocks, metamorphic rocks, and sedimentary rocks.

Not only are there large reserves, but there are also many different types of mica: White Mica, black mica, gold mica, scale mica, etc. ...... Mica comes in a wide variety of colors, mainly due to the different metal elements it contains. It is for this reason that mica is widely used in various decorative fields. A hundred years ago in Russia, large sheets of mica were used as windows, and mica was also used by the ancient Chinese as screens, decoration, etc. It was not until the advent of the electric power era, with the development of technology, that mica opened new doors for industrial use by virtue of its unique properties.

Mica Powder have very high insulating and adiabatic properties; they are chemically stable and resistant to strong acids, alkalis and pressure, so they are an important raw material for the manufacture of electrical equipment, and therefore can also be used as insulation material inside hair dryers. Mica also has the ability of birefringence, so it is also an optical instrument material for the manufacture of polarized light sheets.

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