Active calcium carbonate


Product Description

Product features:

Active calcium carbonate is a kind of product, which is made of common superfine calcium carbonate powder as raw material, added with saturated fatty acid and coupling agent for surface treatment, and treated by surface activation equipment. It has low water content, good dispersion, non agglomeration, low oil absorption value, good hydrophobicity and lipophilicity.  

Application fields:

It is used in plastics, rubber, adhesives, advanced inks, coatings, daily chemicals and other industries.

Main functions:

In the plastic industry, the absorption of plasticizer is small, which can improve the flexibility, strength and stability of plastic products; it can also improve the brightness, wear resistance and impact strength of the surface of products. Its unique super metal peeling and remarkable lubrication effect, at the same time, improve the processing performance of products, greatly increase the filling amount, reduce the wear of mold, and improve the production efficiency.

In the rubber industry, it can improve the dispersion performance and demoulding performance of products, increase the surface finish and flexibility of products, and improve the processing performance and physical and mechanical properties of products.

In cable products, it can improve the electrical insulation performance, moderate pH, good compatibility with resin, good glossiness and toughness of the product surface, increase the filling amount and reduce the production cost.

It has a strong molecular affinity with rubber and plastic. The filling amount is 2-5 times more than that of ordinary calcium carbonate, and the comprehensive production cost is obviously reduced.

As a modified filling material for PVC, PP, PE blown film, non-woven fabric masterbatch, wire and cable material, color masterbatch and pipe material, it has good dispersivity, colorability, thermal stability, antistatic and other properties, significantly improving the production efficiency of plastic granulation process. It can reduce the abrasion of the processing machinery, improve the processing technology of the products, and improve the performance of the products. No. 1

No. 1