Product Description

Natural colored sand is made of locally-produced marble and granite, which are processed through multiple processes such as crushing, crushing, washing, grading and packaging.

The main colors are China Black, Evergreen, Grey Jade, Cyan Grey, China Red, Manshan Red, Beijing Red, Peach Red, Orange Red, Chicken Blood Red, Liver Red, Hibiscus Red, Sunset Red, Garnet Red, Point Red, Dark Green Light green, gem green, milk yellow, medium yellow, apricot yellow, beige, floor yellow, tiger skin yellow, golden, grass white jade, white jade, white snowflake, gypsophila, three flowers, etc.

Mainly used in construction, decoration, terrazzo aggregate, real stone paint, color and paint, etc.

Main specifications: 6-10 mesh, 10-20 mesh, 20-40 mesh, 40-80 mesh, 80-120 mesh, 120-200 mesh. No. 1

No. 1