Hatching vermiculite


Product Description

Vermiculite is used to hatch eggs, especially reptile ones. The eggs of all kinds of reptiles, including geckos, snakes, lizards and even turtles, can be hatched in expanded vermiculite, which in most cases must be wetted to maintain humidity. Depression is then formed in the vermiculite, which is large enough to hold reptile eggs and ensure that each egg has enough space to hatch.


The method of use refers to the method of incubation with sediment. The laying and humidity control of eggs are similar to that of incubation with sediment, but they have more advantages than that of incubation with sediment:


1. Because of its light weight and convenient operation, it is also convenient to check the development of eggs;


2. Because of the good heat preservation performance, it is not easy to be affected by the outside world;


3. Because of its good moisturizing performance, it is not necessary to spray water frequently;


4. Because the air permeability is good, it is more conducive to the development of eggs;


5. Because of its soft texture, good anti-seismic performance, more conducive to the protection of turtle eggs, and so on.

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