Mica is a rock-forming mineral, usually in the form of pseudo-hexagonal or rhombic plates, flakes, and columnar crystals. The most used in industry is white mica, followed by gold mica.

Applications of mica

It is widely used in building materials industry, fire fighting industry, fire extinguishing agent, welding rod, plastic, electric insulation, paper making, asphalt paper, rubber, pearlescent pigment and other chemical industries.

Characteristics of mica

It has extremely high electrical insulation, resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, elasticity, toughness and sliding, heat and sound resistance, small coefficient of thermal expansion and other properties. In industry, it is mainly used as insulating material for electrical equipment and electrical equipment by its insulation and heat resistance, as well as acid resistance, alkali resistance, pressure resistance and peeling properties; secondly, it is used in the manufacture of steam boilers, furnace windows of smelting furnaces and mechanical parts.

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