Nano active calcium carbonate


Product Description

Nano active calcium carbonate is a kind of superfine calcium carbonate powder whose particle size is in the range of nanometer (1-100 nm). It has many special properties after being treated by surfactant. Nano active calcium carbonate is a kind of functional inorganic filler, which not only can increase product volume and reduce product cost, but also has excellent reinforcement performance.

Nano active calcium carbonate has good affinity with resin in plastics, which can effectively increase or adjust the rigidity, toughness and bending strength of materials, improve the rheological properties of the plastic processing system, reduce the plasticizing temperature, and improve the dimensional stability, heat resistance and surface finish of products; it is easy to mix and disperse in natural rubber, polybutadiene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber and other rubber systems It is uniform, and can make the gum soft, and can improve the extrusion processing performance and model fluidity. The rubber products are characterized by a smooth surface, large elongation, high tensile strength, small permanent deformation, good bending resistance and high tear strength.

Due to its high glossiness, low wear rate, surface modification and oil repellency, nano active calcium carbonate can be filled into polymers such as PVC, polypropylene and phenolic plastics. Now it is widely used in the production of PVC profiles, pipes, wires, cables, rubber particles and films, and in the manufacturing of shoes. It is also suitable for the modification of polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate and other plastics. As active nano calcium carbonate is oil-friendly and hydrophobic on its surface and has good compatibility with resin, it can effectively improve or adjust the rigidity, toughness, smoothness and bending strength of products; improve processing performance, improve rheological property, dimensional stability and heat-resistant stability of products. It can fill, strengthen and toughen, replace some expensive fillers and auxiliaries, and reduce the use of resin So as to reduce production costs and improve market competitiveness.

It can be used as pigment filler in the paint industry, with the advantages of fine, uniform, high whiteness and good optical performance. Nano active calcium carbonate has the steric resistance effect. In the paint production, it can make lithopone with high formula density suspend and play the role of anti sedimentation. After paint making, the whiteness of the film increases, the gloss is high, but the covering power does not decrease, which makes it widely used in the paint industry.


It can be used as the raw material of coated paper, especially for high-grade copper sheet paper. Because of its good dispersing performance and low viscosity, it can effectively improve the whiteness and opacity of paper, improve the smoothness and softness of paper, improve the absorption performance of ink, and improve the retention rate.

In the ink as a filler, can replace the higher price of colloidal calcium, can improve the glossiness and brightness of the ink. Nano active calcium carbonate is also used in the feed industry as a calcium supplement to increase the calcium content of feed, and can be used in cosmetics instead of titanium dioxide. No. 1

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