Touraline ball

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Tourmaline ball , also known as tourmaline ceramsite, tourmaline mineralization ball, tourmaline ceramic ball, is a new material obtained by forming and sintering tourmaline, clay and other basic materials. English name: Tourmaline stone ball. The main materials are: tourmaline, clay and other basic materials. The diameter is about 3 ~ 30mm; the colors are gray-black, light yellow, red and white.

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The tourmaline activation ball has the following characteristics: 
1. The water molecule cluster becomes smaller, which can easily penetrate the cell membrane, increase cell activity, increase human immunity, 
2. Eliminate the odor of water and residual chlorine, eliminate harmful substances and carcinogens. 
3. The water quality is weakly alkaline, which helps the body's acid-base balance and nutrition balance. 
4. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and other trace elements and various minerals needed by the human body. 
5. High conductivity and low oxidation-reduction potential (OPR), promote digestion, prevent aging, and benefit longevity. 
6. The characteristics of product efficacy remain unchanged under any conditions of sunlight, temperature, pressure, etc. It can be applied to drinking water treatment and bath water treatment .

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