• Preferential products vermiculite powder

    Vermiculite powder

    Vermiculite powder is made of high quality expanded vermiculite by crushing and screening.

    Main uses: friction material, damping material, noise reduction material, soundproof plaster, fire extinguisher, filter, linoleum, paint, coating, etc.

    The main models are: 20 mesh, 40 mesh, 60 mesh, 100 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 600 mesh, etc.

  • Vermiculite Horticultural 1-3mm 2-4mm 3-6mm 4-8mm

    Horticultural vermiculite

    Expanded vermiculite has good properties such as water absorption, air permeability, adsorption, looseness and non hardening. Moreover, it is sterile and non-toxic after high-temperature roasting, which is very conducive to the rooting and growth of plants. It can be used for planting, seedling raising and cutting of precious flowers and trees, vegetables, fruit trees, potatoes and grapes, as well as making seedling substrate, flower fertilizer, nutrient soil, etc.

  • High Quality Expanded Vermiculite – Vermiculite Flake

    Vermiculite flake

    Vermiculite is a silicate mineral, which is a mica sub-organism. Its main chemical composition: 22MgO · 5Al2O3 · Fe2O3 · 22SiO2 · 40H2O The theoretical molecular formula after roasting and expansion: ( OH) 2 (MgFe) 2 · (SiAlFe) 4O104H2O

    The original ore vermiculite is a layered structure with a small amount of water between layers. After heating at 900-950 ℃, it can be dehydrated, bursted and expanded to 4-15 times the original volume , forming a porous light body material. It has thermal insulation, high temperature resistance, insulation, antifreeze, earthquake resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, sound insulation and other properties.

  • Hot selling supplier  bulk  Expanded Vermiculite

    Expanded vermiculite

    Expanded vermiculite is formed by expanding the original ore vermiculite at a high temperature of 900-1000 degrees, and the expansion rate is 4-15 times. Expanded vermiculite is a layered structure with crystal water between the layers. It has a low thermal conductivity and a bulk density of 80-200kg / m3 . The expanded vermiculite with good quality can be used up to 1100C . In addition, expanded vermiculite has good electrical insulation.

    Expanded vermiculite is widely used in thermal insulation materials, fire protection materials, seedlings, planting flowers, planting trees, friction materials, sealing materials, electrical insulation materials, coatings, plates, paints, rubber, refractory materials, hard water softeners, smelting, construction, shipbuilding, Chemical industry.

  • Manufacturer wholesale thermal insulation vermiculite

    Thermal insulation vermiculite

    Expanded vermiculite has the characteristics of porous, light weight and high melting point. It is most suitable for thermal insulation materials (below 1000 ℃) and fire insulation materials. After the experiment, the 15 cm thick cement vermiculite plate was burned at 1000 ℃ for 4-5 hours, and the back temperature was only about 40 ℃. The seven centimeter thick vermiculite plate is burned for five minutes at a high temperature of 3000 ℃ through fire welding flame net. The front side melts, and the back side is still not hot with hands. So it exceeds all insulation materials. Such as asbestos, diatomite products, etc.

  • Fireproof Vermiculite  Vermiculite Board

    Fireproof vermiculite

    Fireproof vermiculite is a kind of natural and green environmental protection fireproof material. It is widely used in fireproof doors, fireproof ceilings, floors, vermiculite concrete, horticulture, fishery, shipbuilding, industry and other fields with mature technology. In China, the application fields of fireproof vermiculite are more and more, and its development prospect is very broad.

  • Vermiculite Bedding for Incubating Reptile Eggs

    Incubate vermiculite

    Vermiculite is used to hatch eggs, especially reptile eggs. The eggs of various reptiles, including geckos, snakes, lizards and turtles, can be hatched in expanded vermiculite, which must be wetted in most cases to maintain humidity. Then a depression is formed in vermiculite, which is large enough to place reptile eggs and ensure that each egg has enough space to hatch.

  • Vermiculite Board For Sound Insulation

    Vermiculitse Board

    Vermiculite board is a new type of inorganic material, which uses expanded vermiculite as the main raw material, is mixed with a certain proportion of inorganic binder, and is processed through a series of processes. It has high temperature resistance, fire protection, green environmental protection, heat insulation, sound insulation, Plates containing harmful substances. Non-combustible, non-melting, and high temperature resistant. Because vermiculite board uses expanded vermiculite as the main raw material, inorganic materials have no carbon element and do not burn. Its melting point is 1370 ~ 1400 ℃ , the maximum operating temperature is 1200 ℃ .