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Colored glass sand is made by color treatment of glass sand with advanced dyeing technology. Its varieties include: white glass sand, black glass sand, red glass sand, yellow glass sand, blue glass sand, green glass sand, cyan glass sand, gray glass sand, purple glass sand, orange glass sand, pink glass sand and brown glass sand
Common specifications: 4-6 mesh, 6-10 mesh, 10-20 mesh, 20-40 mesh, 40-80 mesh, 80-120 mesh, etc.

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Glass sand is divided into colored glass sand and transparent glass sand. The appearance of transparent glass sand is like white sugar. The colored glass sand is fused with the glass workpiece to form a concave convex three-dimensional perspective effect. Glass sand is used for glass balls, glass artworks, glass containers, glass fibers, such as glass cups, vases, lampshades, etc. Glass sand can also be used for shot peening of medical instruments, textile machinery and various hardware products, especially for providing bright and semi Matt surfaces for medical instruments, tools and auto parts. In addition, the glass sand also has the characteristics of grinding and reflection, which can be used as raw materials for grinding and reflective signs on the road. The amount of glass sand used in decoration and other projects is also large.

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