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We have 3 different types of mica powder products: 20-60 mesh, 60-200 mesh, 325-1250 mesh, etc.

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20-60 mesh is mainly used in welding electrode, fireproof board, calcium silicate board, high-grade building board and other industries.

60-200 mesh is mainly used for mica ceramics, which has high insulation strength and high dielectric strength. It can be used for a long time at 350 degrees high temperature without carbonization and bursting under strong arc . With no water absorption, the thermal expansion coefficient can be adjusted according to requirements.

325-1250 mesh is used as an admixture for paints and coatings, which can reflect light and heat, reduce the damage of ultraviolet and other light and heat to the paint film, increase the acid and alkali resistance and electrical insulation of the coating, and improve the frost resistance of the coating Sexual toughness and compactness reduce the breathability of the coating. Prevents spot cracking and improves resistance to oil and water erosion. It is used as a model paint when pouring metal,as well as coatings in electroplating baths, fillers in degreased powders in cosmetics, additives in antifreeze and anti-sun paint pastes, admixtures in sealing paint ash, powder suspension agents for dry powder fire extinguishers, etc. In plastic PVC after filling mica, the heat distortion temperature is almost doubled, various mechanical properties did not significantly decrease the impact strength increased slightly, since PVC is very high price, while the price is much lower than mica PVC , so in PVC in filling mica has significant economic benefits. Adding 20% mica powder to nylon 66 not only slightly reduces the mechanical properties, but also significantly changes the appearance of the product and enhances the warpage resistance. In the rubber pad, the insulation performance of the product can be significantly improved. In the plastic film, it can improve the film's resistance to expansion, elongation, right-angle tear strength and other indicators to meet and exceed the standard, mica greenhouse film temperature can be increased by 1-3 degrees compared to ordinary greenhouse film.

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