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Negative ion powder is a general term for powder materials that can produce air negative ions. Negative ion powder is usually composed of rare earth elements, electric stone powder and other substances. Some are prepared by mechanochemical compounding of rare earth salt and tourmaline; Some are mainly natural mineral tourmaline, which are prepared by means of ultra-fine grinding, gel coating modification, ion exchange doping and high temperature activation; Some of them are directly extracted and ground from rare earth ore powder or rare earth waste slag.

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Tourmaline can absorb the peculiar smell of paint, colloid and other products. It is used for interior wall painting of building decoration, and can absorb the peculiar smell of paint, colloid and coating.
Electrical stone powder is used in the textile industry as environmental protection carbon cloth. Superfine electrical stone powder is made into superfine fiber, which can be made into antimagnetic, moisture-proof, warm quilt, cotton pad, anti electromagnetic radiation shirt, vest, insole, etc. it can also be used in rock bath, sweat room, light room, sauna facilities and environmental protection home decoration. It is used to purify water quality. The tourmaline powder is made into tourmaline ceramsite of various colors and shapes, which is used as water purification material in the purification mineralized container.

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