• Glass Beads for Shot Peening and Cleaning of Surfaces

    Shot peening glass beads

    Industrial shot peening glass beads are used to clean and polish metal objects. Glass beads have good chemical stability, certain mechanical strength and hardness. Therefore, as an abrasive material, it has great advantages over other abrasive materials. It is widely used for sand blasting, rust removal and polishing of industrial machinery parts, polishing and cleaning of aircraft and ship engine turbines, blades and shafts. Industrial polishing shot peened glass beads, refractive index: 1.51-1.64; Hardness (Mohs) 6-7; Specific gravity: 6 g / 2-4 cm2; SiO2 content > 70%; Roundness: > 90%.

  • Glass Beads for Thermoplastic Road Markings

    Road marking glass beads

    Glass beads are used in zebra crossings, double yellow lines and night reflective devices of traffic signs.

    Glass beads surface type reflective glass beads and mixed reflective glass beads, surface type reflective glass beads is in the road marking construction coating is not dry, a certain amount of glass beads in the marking surface, by the effect of glass beads themselves force, part of the line into the marking coating, thus enhancing the reflective effect of the road marking. Inner reflective glass beads are suitable for road marking reflective coating, its main use is to use glass beads spherical reflective characteristics, improve the reflective performance of road marking coating. Make the line signs more eye-catching, thus improving the safety of drivers driving at night.

  • High Quality Filled glass beads

    Filled glass beads

    Filled glass beads is a new type of material with wide application and special properties developed in recent years. The product is made of borosilicate raw materials through high-tech processing, with uniform particle size of small glass beads. Chemical composition: SiO2 > 67%, Cao > 8.0%, MgO > 2.5%, Na2O < 14%, Al2O3 0.5-2.0, Fe2O3 > 0.15 and other 2.0%; Specific gravity: 2.4-2.6 g / cm3; Appearance: smooth, round, transparent glass without impurities; Rounding rate: ≥ 85%; Magnetic particles shall not exceed 0.1% of the product weight; The content of bubbles in glass beads is less than 10%; It does not contain any silicone components.

  • Grinding Glass Beads Clear Glass Balls

    Grinding Glass Beads

    Ground glass beads, appearance: colorless transparent sphere, smooth and round, without obvious bubbles or impurities.
    Rounding rate: rounding rate ≥ 80%;
    Density: 2.4-2.6g/cm3;
    Refractive index: Nd ≥ 1.50;
    Composition: sodium calcium glass, SiO2 content > 68%;
    Compressive strength: > 1200n;
    Mohs hardness: 6-7.

  • High Quality Colored glass beads

    Colored glass beads

    The name of colored glass beads is thought to be colorful glass beads. This kind of colored glass beads is formed by adding some various pigments in the early stage of glass bead production to make it evenly distributed in each part of each glass bead. Colored glass beads are bright, full and durable. This kind of glass beads is resistant to wind and sun, and will not fade or deform. This kind of colored glass beads can be used in road marking, building exterior wall decoration, garden decoration, clothing, jewelry and other fields. Colored glass beads have uniform particle size, round particles, rich and colorful colors and beautiful colors. It has good compatibility with various resins and has the characteristics of good color fastness, acid resistance, chemical solvent resistance, heat resistance and low oil absorption. It is also widely used in architectural decoration, Caulking agent, children’s toys, handicrafts, lighting and other products.

  • Industrial grade hollow glass bead manufacturers

    Hollow glass beads

    Hollow glass bead is a kind of hollow glass sphere with small size, which belongs to inorganic non-metallic material. The typical particle size range is 10-180 microns, and the bulk density is 0.1-0.25 g / cm3. It has the advantages of light weight, low thermal conductivity, sound insulation, high dispersion, good electrical insulation and thermal stability. It is a new lightweight material with wide application and excellent performance developed in recent years. The color is pure white. It can be widely used in any product with requirements for appearance and color.