lepidolite (ithia mica)

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Lepidolite is the most common lithium mineral and an important mineral for extracting lithium. It is a basic aluminosilicate of potassium and lithium, which belongs to mica minerals. Generally, lepidolite is only produced in granite pegmatite. The main component of lepidolite is kli1 5Al1. 5 [alsi3o10] (F, oh) 2, containing Li2O of 1.23-5.90%, often containing rubidium, cesium, etc. Monoclinic system. The color is purple and pink, and can be light to colorless, with pearl luster. It is often in fine scale aggregate, short column, small sheet aggregate or large plate crystal. The hardness is 2-3, the specific gravity is 2.8-2.9, and the bottom cleavage is very complete. When melted, it can foam and produce a dark red lithium flame. Insoluble in acid, but after melting, it can also be affected by acids.

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Lepidolite is one of the main raw materials for extracting rare metal lithium. Lithium mica often contains rubidium and cesium, which is also an important raw material for extracting these rare metals. Lithium is the lightest metal with a specific gravity of 0.534. It can produce lithium-6 required for thermonuclear. It is an important fuel for hydrogen bombs, rockets, nuclear submarines and new jet aircraft. Lithium absorbs neutrons and acts as a control rod in an atomic reactor; Red luminescent agent used as signal bomb and illumination bomb in military and thick lubricant used for aircraft; It is also the raw material of lubricating oil for general machinery.

Lithium mica is the same as spodumene, lepidolite can be used in glass and ceramic industry, which can reduce the melting point of glass and ceramics, have obvious melting aid effect, reduce melt viscosity, improve clarification and homogenization effect, and improve the transparency and finish of products.

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