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The name of colored glass beads is thought to be colorful glass beads. This kind of colored glass beads is formed by adding some various pigments in the early stage of glass bead production to make it evenly distributed in each part of each glass bead. Colored glass beads are bright, full and durable. This kind of glass beads is resistant to wind and sun, and will not fade or deform. This kind of colored glass beads can be used in road marking, building exterior wall decoration, garden decoration, clothing, jewelry and other fields. Colored glass beads have uniform particle size, round particles, rich and colorful colors and beautiful colors. It has good compatibility with various resins and has the characteristics of good color fastness, acid resistance, chemical solvent resistance, heat resistance and low oil absorption. It is also widely used in architectural decoration, Caulking agent, children’s toys, handicrafts, lighting and other products.

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After processing, our company summarized the following advantages of colored glass beads: first, this kind of colored glass beads has a beautiful appearance and is deeply loved by the majority of consumers; Moreover, this kind of colored glass bead is very environmentally friendly. It is non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free and corrosion-free. You can rest assured to use it; This kind of colored glass bead also has a rare advantage of heat insulation. It can absorb the irradiation of the hot sun and reflect it back into the air, so as to reduce the indoor temperature; After that, a feature deeply loved by the majority of consumers is that it has good color fastness, aging resistance, no maintenance, cleanliness and brightness. And the price is moderate, luxurious and beautiful. It is a new exterior wall decoration product for offices, commercial buildings, hotels and other buildings. If you want to know more about colored glass beads, you can contact us at any time.

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