Grinding Glass Beads

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Ground glass beads, appearance: colorless transparent sphere, smooth and round, without obvious bubbles or impurities.
Rounding rate: rounding rate ≥ 80%;
Density: 2.4-2.6g/cm3;
Refractive index: Nd ≥ 1.50;
Composition: sodium calcium glass, SiO2 content > 68%;
Compressive strength: > 1200n;
Mohs hardness: 6-7.

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Product description

Grinding medium glass beads can generally be divided into: reinforced glass beads, wear-resistant glass beads and neutral glass beads. This product is mainly used for medium dispersion and grinding in dye, coating, ink, coating, resin, chemical industry and other industries. Grinding glass beads have the characteristics of uniform size, smooth surface, high hardness and good chemical stability. Reinforced glass beads have good toughness, wear resistance and chemical stability. They are suitable for grinding medium and low viscosity materials and can also be used as shot peening beads. Wear resistant glass beads have the advantages of large specific gravity, high strength, low wear and good chemical stability. It is suitable for dry and wet grinding of medium and high viscosity materials, high solid content materials and ultra-fine grinding. Compared with zirconia beads, the wear of the machine is small. Neutral glass beads are colorless and transparent, with high strength, low wear and good chemical stability. It is suitable for grinding high-grade pure white materials.

Product application

Application field of ground glass beads
1. Non polluting fields: food, medicine, cosmetics and other fields.
2. Emerging industry: grinding and dispersion of high-purity ultra-fine nano materials.
3. Other industrial fields: structural ceramics, electronic ceramics, battery materials, biomaterials, magnetic materials, refractories, metallurgy, minerals, inks, coatings, pigments, etc.

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