Shot peening glass beads

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Industrial shot peening glass beads are used to clean and polish metal objects. Glass beads have good chemical stability, certain mechanical strength and hardness. Therefore, as an abrasive material, it has great advantages over other abrasive materials. It is widely used for sand blasting, rust removal and polishing of industrial machinery parts, polishing and cleaning of aircraft and ship engine turbines, blades and shafts. Industrial polishing shot peened glass beads, refractive index: 1.51-1.64; Hardness (Mohs) 6-7; Specific gravity: 6 g / 2-4 cm2; SiO2 content > 70%; Roundness: > 90%.

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Product characteristics of glass beads:
1. Both soft and hard - produced from high-quality materials, which has certain mechanical strength and sufficient elasticity, can be used repeatedly for several times, is not easy to break, and the sprayed devices have the same effect.
2. Good uniformity - large rounding rate and uniform particle size. After spraying, the brightness coefficient of the sandblasting device remains uniform, and it is not easy to leave watermark.
3. Irreplaceable - as an abrasive material, shot peened glass beads have the following advantages over any other abrasive material: in addition to metal abrasive materials, they are used longer than any other medium. They are made of non alkaline soda lime glass materials, have good chemical stability, will not pollute the processed metal, can accelerate the cleaning and maintain the processing accuracy of the original object.
4. Smooth without impurities - spherical particles without impurities; The surface is smooth, with good finish, reaching the international and domestic standard level.Sandblasted (shot) glass bead specification sheet.

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