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    Anion powder

    Negative ion powder is a general term for powder materials that can produce air negative ions. Negative ion powder is usually composed of rare earth elements, electric stone powder and other substances. Some are prepared by mechanochemical compounding of rare earth salt and tourmaline; Some are mainly natural mineral tourmaline, which are prepared by means of ultra-fine grinding, gel coating modification, ion exchange doping and high temperature activation; Some of them are directly extracted and ground from rare earth ore powder or rare earth waste slag.

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    In recent decades, the pursuit of a “better” living environment has resulted in a large number of harmful chemicals, such as beverages, foods, cosmetics, detergents and so on, which contain preservatives or fungicides, eroding the human body and weakening the normal functions of cells or nerves. The development of cutting-edge science and technology will damage the earth’s environment, pollute the atmosphere, water quality and soil, and endanger our survival. One of the substances that can improve the healthy environment is “negative ions”. Tourmaline is not only portable, but also can produce negative ions. Tourmaline crystal has potential difference, which can produce permanent weak current and produce “negative ions”. Because the tourmaline will produce permanent electricity, an electric field will be formed around it. The water existing in the electric field circle will be electrolyzed to produce the same “tourmaline negative ions” (different from the “artificial negative ions” forced by artificial electrical appliances) as the natural “negative ions” in waterfalls or forests. The “tourmaline negative ions” can solve the previously mentioned problems Health problems or water quality problems. “Tourmaline anion” not only has the effect of improving health and magic power, but also has a very powerful effect.

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    Tourmaline powder

    Tourmaline powder is the powder obtained by mechanically crushing the original tourmaline ore after removing impurities. The processed and purified tourmaline powder has higher anion generation and far infrared emissivity. Tourmaline is also called Tourmaline. Tourmaline  general chemical formula is NaR3Al6Si6O18BO33 (OH, F.). 4, the crystal belongs to trigonal system family of cyclic structure silicate minerals in general. In the formula, R represents a metal cation. When R is Fe2 +, it forms a black crystal tourmaline. Tourmaline crystals are in the shape of nearly triangular columns, with different crystal shapes at both ends. The columns have longitudinal stripes, often in the form of columns, needles, radials, and massive aggregates. Glass gloss, broken resin gloss, translucent to transparent. No cleavage. Mohs hardness 7-7.5, specific gravity 2.98-3.20. There are piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity .

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    Tourmaline filter material

    Tourmaline filter material is mainly composed of tourmaline particles and tourmaline balls. It is used for water purification, and can enhance the activity of drinking water and generate anion water. Anion water has the following characteristics: slightly alkaline, free of bacteria and organic matters; minerals containing ionic state, with small molecular group, strong solubility and permeability. Drinking the treated anion water can neutralize the excessive acidity in the body, so as to maintain the normal physiological function of the body. Because of its interfacial activity, it can emulsify the cholesterol and other substances in the body, and form an oil in water emulsion, so that it can not precipitate and accumulate on the vessel wall, thereby preventing the occurrence of atherosclerosis and other diseases.

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    Touraline ball

    Tourmaline ball , also known as tourmaline ceramsite, tourmaline mineralization ball, tourmaline ceramic ball, is a new material obtained by forming and sintering tourmaline, clay and other basic materials. English name: Tourmaline stone ball. The main materials are: tourmaline, clay and other basic materials. The diameter is about 3 ~ 30mm; the colors are gray-black, light yellow, red and white.