Tourmaline filter material

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Tourmaline filter material is mainly composed of tourmaline particles and tourmaline balls. It is used for water purification, and can enhance the activity of drinking water and generate anion water. Anion water has the following characteristics: slightly alkaline, free of bacteria and organic matters; minerals containing ionic state, with small molecular group, strong solubility and permeability. Drinking the treated anion water can neutralize the excessive acidity in the body, so as to maintain the normal physiological function of the body. Because of its interfacial activity, it can emulsify the cholesterol and other substances in the body, and form an oil in water emulsion, so that it can not precipitate and accumulate on the vessel wall, thereby preventing the occurrence of atherosclerosis and other diseases.

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Mechanism of negative ions produced by tourmaline filter material
1. After the product is formed, the water molecules in the air enter the mineral crystal through the pores of the polymer film to form a permanent electric field space, and are ionized into hydrogen oxygen ions and hydrogen ions: H2O → OH - + H+
2. H + moves rapidly to the negative pole of permanent electric field and absorbs electrons to form H2 to escape into the gas: 2H + + 2e - → H2
3. OH - forms H3O2 - anion OH - +H2O-H3O2 with other water molecules
4. As long as the air humidity is not zero, this change will continuously form the permanent emission function of negative ions (H3O2 -) without producing toxic substances.

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