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Tourmaline powder is the powder obtained by mechanically crushing the original tourmaline ore after removing impurities. The processed and purified tourmaline powder has higher anion generation and far infrared emissivity. Tourmaline is also called Tourmaline. Tourmaline  general chemical formula is NaR3Al6Si6O18BO33 (OH, F.). 4, the crystal belongs to trigonal system family of cyclic structure silicate minerals in general. In the formula, R represents a metal cation. When R is Fe2 +, it forms a black crystal tourmaline. Tourmaline crystals are in the shape of nearly triangular columns, with different crystal shapes at both ends. The columns have longitudinal stripes, often in the form of columns, needles, radials, and massive aggregates. Glass gloss, broken resin gloss, translucent to transparent. No cleavage. Mohs hardness 7-7.5, specific gravity 2.98-3.20. There are piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity .

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Tourmaline can absorb the peculiar smell of paint, colloid and other products. It is used for painting interior walls of architectural decoration, and can absorb the odor emitted by paint, colloid and paint.
Superfine Tourmaline powder can be used in the production of electret masterbatch and melt blown cloth, which can be made into magnetic proof, moisture-proof, warm quilt, cotton pad, electromagnetic radiation proof shirt, insole, etc. it can also be used in rock bath, sweat room, light wave room, sauna facilities and environmental protection home decoration.
Used for purifying water quality, making tourmaline powder into tourmaline ceramsite of various colors and shapes , used for purifying mineralized containers

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