The supply of lepidolite is in short supply and the price soars

In recent years, with the acceleration of electrification, the consumption of lithium batteries has increased greatly, and the demand for lithium resources is increasing year by year. In addition, lepidolite is one of the main raw materials for extracting rare metal lithium. Lithium is lithium-6 required for the production of thermonuclear. It is an important fuel for hydrogen bombs, rockets, nuclear submarines and new jet aircraft. Lithium absorbs neutrons and acts as a control rod in an atomic reactor; Red luminescent agent used as signal bomb and illumination bomb in military and thick lubricant used for aircraft; It is also the raw material of lubricating oil for general machinery. Lithium mica can be used in glass and ceramic industry. It can reduce the melting point of glass and ceramics, have obvious melting aid effect, reduce melt viscosity, improve clarification and homogenization effect, and improve the transparency and finish of products.


Therefore, the price of lithium mica soared and the supply of goods was insufficient. The supply of lithium mica in our company was in short supply.

Post time: Apr-19-2022